From The Field: Endorsements

Silk Road Rising's Multi Meets Poly:  Multiculturalism and Polyculturalism Go on a First Date is an engaging and exciting video …

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How to Engage

Multi Meets Poly should not be viewed as entertainment so much as a theatricalized intellectual workout.  It is not narrative …

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Meet the Ideas

What is culture? Culture refers to the collective accumulation of knowledge, beliefs, practices, traditions, art, representation, and experiences that get …

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Blessed Union: Religious Communities/Secular Theatres

June 2014 in Sightings - An online publication of The University of Chicago Divinity School.  Revised in 2017. Sacred Stages: A …

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Interview With Dr. Manal Hamzeh

Dr. Manal Hamzeh, Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Gender & Sexuality Studies at New Mexico State University, discusses the animated …

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Running the Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course is a 45-minute video play that I adapted from my full-length stage play Mosque Alert.  Set in a …

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The Four Hijabs in Arabic: Notes from Hamzeh and Khoury

Note from Dr. Manal Hamzeh In the summer of 2017, one year after the launch of our animated short film …

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The Four Hijabs Press Release

We live in a world where we are constantly being told what to think. In an age of readily accessible …

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Artistic Statement: Anna Hayden-Roy

Working as an animator on The Four Hijabs, my goal was to create a visual space that is both anchored …

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Artistic Statement: Elizabeth Wuerffel

Besides the people, two elements drew me to work on The Four Hijabs: collaboration and critical inquiry. As an interdisciplinary …

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Artistic Statement: Dr. Manal Hamzeh

The journey of creating the animated film The Four Hijabs began in Chicago in 2006 as a series of conversations with …

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About the Charred Cross

As referenced in Sacred Stages, the “Charred Cross” serves as a frightful reminder of the visit paid by the KKK …

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On both/and and Being a Both/And-er

  Hello my name is Jamil Khoury.  I am the founding artistic director of Chicago’s Silk Road Rising and I …

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Inspiration in the Overlap

Originally Published in the Spring/Summer 2009 issue of Criterion - A Publication of the University of Chicago Divinity School. Revised in …

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