Arts Service

When our company was founded there was a glaring absence of Pan-Asian, North African, and Muslim voices in local storytelling. Today we are witnessing a wave of Silk Road stories on Chicago’s stages and are enormously proud to be playing a role in this extraordinatry shift. 

National Leadership

We actively engage in movements that deepen cultural representation and grassroots solidarity. Through our involvement in national arts organizations and alliances, we innovate new models of artmaking, connectivity, and collaboration.

Our Founding Co-Executive Artistic Director, Jamil Khoury, proudly serves on the Board of Directors of both the Middle Eastern North African Theater Makers Alliance (MENATMA) and the Consortium of Asian American Theatres and Artists (CAATA).

Higher Education

We have partnered with colleges, universities, conferences, and academic journals over the years to create art and generate ideas.

We have been the subject of numerous research projects for master’s theses, Ph.D. dissertations, scholarly articles, and books. We have served as both a case study and a co-partner, working with academics and creatives around the world. We also publish our own research and commentary, document artistic processes, and initiate calls to action.

We view our role as an intermediary between artmaking and knowledge production. We combat institutional efforts to Orientalize, exoticize, and vilify Silk Road peoples. And we ensure that Pan-Asian, North African, and Muslim communities lead these conversations and shape our own narratives.

Theatre Companies

Our work involves helping theatre companies broaden their repertoires to showcase Silk Road plays and engage with Silk Road theatre artists.

 In addition, we promote mission-aligned shows and co-produce dramaturgical and community outreach content that speaks to diverse communities. 

Individual Artists

We support artists in advancing their careers through professional development and networking opportunities. We leverage our existing relationships and visibility as a national arts service organization to promote individual artists of Silk Road backgrounds to arts institutions, industry leaders, and journalists.
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