Artistic Statement: Anna Hayden-Roy


anna hayden roy | Silk Road Cultural CenterWorking as an animator on The Four Hijabs, my goal was to create a visual space that is both anchored in reality, and can, at the same time, come untethered and enter the realm of visualizing abstract thought. Creating characters to act as audience avatars as well as physical representations of the four hijabs was perhaps the most important part of this process; and I am very proud of the result that our team has been able to bring to life. My hope for this project as we bring it to the public is that these characters and the small universe they inhabit will shed new light on the subject of the Hijab in a way that is both entertaining and memorable.

Anna Hayden-Roy is an animator, illustrator, and graphic designer hailing from the sleepy heart of the Midwest. She has been deeply passionate about both storytelling and art since a very young age, which has made The Four Hijabs a deeply rewarding project to be a part of. More of her work can be found at

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