Whether as individuals or collectives, the quest for purpose, meaning, and belonging remains ever present in our daily lives. It inspires us to seek greater understanding of ourselves and each other in relation to the world around us.


Humans are relational, interdependent beings driven by curiosity and a need to form communities. Much of what we ascribe value to stems from a desire to connect and share—both within and beyond our comfort zones.


As we endeavor to cultivate the best versions of ourselves and our communities, we break out of our confines and evolve in relationship to those with whom we find common cause.

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What is Polycultural Institute?

Polycultural Institute is the think-and-create tank of Silk Road Rising. Its mission is to generate art and ideas that promote polyculturalism.

What is Polyculturalism?

Polyculturalism is the theory that cultures continuously evolve and transform through dynamic interchange. It assumes that cultures are fluid and flexible, not static and fixed, and that as cultures interact with each other, they redefine themselves.

Polyculturalism promotes the understanding that cultural communities — and the multifaceted individuals that comprise them — share challenges and needs that inevitably produce alliances and spur coalitional politics.

The concept of polyculturalism is largely synonymous with both interculturalism and cultural interchange. It is, however, more intentionally political in that it aims to shape discourse and drive change.

Why does Polycultural Institute exist?

We promote polyculturalism to expand civic and social connectivity. As America’s multiracial democracy continues to be undermined by extreme polarization, we know instinctively that diversity is our strength when it brings us together.
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